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Bitcoin Might Fade Out Of Existence, Warns Academic

Prasad stated that Bitcoin’s lack of efficiency and its inability to facilitate exchange as a mode of payment will be the reason for its downfall. The future of Bitcoin is hard to predict, but Eswar Prasad, an international trade policy professor at Cornell University has warned that the world’s most …

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Pakistanis Own $20 Billion in Crypto, Report Reveals

In the absence of regulations, people in Pakistan have invested a serious amount of money in digital assets. New research claims Pakistanis keep some $20 billion in cryptocurrency, allegedly more than what their central bank has in foreign reserves.   Government Urged for Regulations as Study Shows Pakistanis Hold $20 …

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Dravid Deadbats Questions About Kohli-Ganguly SagaIn

The Twitter interaction between the Grammy Award-winning rapper and the tech billionaire about crypto usurping the dollar prompted plenty of reactions on Twitter In a recent Twitter exchange, with Grammy award-winning rapper Cardi B, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said on Tuesday that Bitcoin will replace the US dollar. Cardi …

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